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Roshd International Film Festival is the oldest film festival which has focused on scientific, educational and training films. This festival seeks to identify and introduce the best productions of this field, in the field of film and cinema, with the aim of helping to create a context and platform for guiding and supporting productions at the national and international levels to support the field of Islamic and revolutionary education. As an important institution that builds civilization and educates the future generation to solve the country's problems,this festival pays special attention to school and its educational and training processes. So, filmmakers, filmmaking students and teachers, welcome to Rushd Film Festival!

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At the same time as the beginning of the festival,various events occur in accordance with the festival that you should be aware of. You can see the latest news from this section
In each period, the Policy Council of the festival selects items from among the sponsors (ministries, international institutions, organizations, institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions) based on the priorities of the festival and will award the sponsors prizes to the selected films in these topics. Maybe the topic of your film is among the topics of the sponsors or start making a film based on these positions.

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