Roshd International Education and Ethics Film Festival Historical Background

Called " Festival " then ,the IEPFF  was initiated  in 1963. This was the 1st International Film Festival in Iran . Iranian ME audio-visual  general  director  of the time attempted to hold such a progression in order to exchange education pictorial incidents globally. From the first educating Film Festival, the main objective of the progression  was to collect the latest education products  and also to find an innovative was for training and educating children and adolescents  in the country .Although due to the officials interest , the contents of the films periodically changed , statistically  speaking  the general and uniform theme  in all periods was " science , education , and ethical".

Holding  the 8th progression of the Festival , the  officials changed the title of the Festival from   International Educating Film Festival  into  International Education Film Festival. In the 20th progression  " Roshd "  was added to the title due to unanimous decision of the policy makers and  since then , it has been Known as "Roshd International Science , Education, and Eyhical Film Festival " (RISEEFF).

The delivered films were shown in their original language in early sessions of the Festival and in cases like the audience's  aroused  interest  toward a film , it was summarized and the translated summary was distributed among the them.

Since 33rd  progression , student  film  makers' works have been admitted and judged accordingly  and since  65th progression , the teacher-made films have been introduced  to the audience and judged accordingly.